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Austin’s Personalized Dog Training Service

Our Story

Fidelio Dog Works was created for a reason. Fifteen years ago, Steve, although he already knew quite a bit about training dogs, took his new puppy to a training class. The experience was less than he’d hoped. With more than twenty students, each participant received approximately one minute of individual attention per session – a total of eight minutes over the course of the class. Training was slow to progress and often frustrating. Steve thought there had to be a better way, and after attending dog training school himself, he developed Fidelio Dog Works to do just that. We only offer individual sessions, tailored to your needs, and we give you our full attention.

Fidelio has stayed small by design. Our methods are effective and efficient, but over the years, Steve has learned that it takes a very special kind of person to provide this level of personalized training. That means Steve is extraordinarily picky about bringing on additional trainers.  While this means you may have to wait a little while for your first appointment, we think it’s worth it. We take what we do seriously and we believe that if you practice diligently, you and your dog can meet your goals and live together happily. We’ll help guide you there.

Trainers & Staff

Steve Haynes, Founder & Trainer

Steve Haynes, Founder / Retired


Donovan Miller, MSTC CPT
Owner/Operator of Fidelio Dog Works

Donovan Miller, MSTC CPT
Donovan has worked with dogs for over 25 years and in multiple settings. His passion for coaching humans and facilitating the connection between their 4leggers is evident in his approach.

Donovan grew up around dogs and has been involved with his families Invisible Fence of Texas dealership since the early 90’s.  In fact, Donovan sold Steve Haynes an Invisible Fence 18 years ago when Steve left his corporate gig to chase the dog training dream! For Donovan, after decades of chasing that same corporate dream and helping early stage technology companies enter the US market, he too decided to go back to his roots and focus on working with dogs and their owners to build better and more functional relationships.  As a Certified Professional Trainer, he first focuses on building an obedience foundation with dogs while at the same time working with clients to develop proper technique and a clear understanding of how dogs learn and communicate.