Behavior Problems

Correcting Specific Behavior Problems


Most of my clients need help with a particular behavior issue. If your pet displays any of the common tendencies listed below, I have the dog training solution.

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House/Potty Training

This is the most common issue people face, especially with their puppies. I can teach you a variety of techniques to make this learning process as short and painless as possible. You’ll understand when your pet is trying to tell you they need a potty break, and your dog will learn that outside is the right place to take care of that business.


I’ve found a psychological technique called “desensitization” works best for dogs that are nervous or afraid. This process repeatedly exposes your dog to situations that arouse their fear response. Over time, they learn there’s nothing to be afraid of and calm down. In extreme cases, I may consult with your veterinarian to decide if prescribed pharmaceuticals are an appropriate step.


This behavior is often linked to fear. I will examine your dog’s reactions first-hand to understand their motivation for lashing out. Then, we can create a gentle training method to control and eliminate their anger response.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs that destroy things when you leave home hurt themselves as much as the household. It’s important to find out what’s happening while you’re gone in order to address this issue. The goal is to build your dog’s confidence while you’re away and teach them you’ll always come home again.

People learn in different ways based on their personalities, and that’s also true for dogs. Whether your dog is sensitive, feisty, curious, or “excitable,” I’ll find the best teaching method to match their unique temperament. I’ll help you understand what motivates your dog’s behavior, and show you how to maintain their obedience with gentle, loving methods. There’s no dog I can’t teach in a fun and compassionate way.