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867 dog training lessons in 2013!

At the end of every year I run some reports from my systems that we use to find out exactly how many lessons and whatnot I did for the previous year. 2013 was sort of a banner year.

In total last year I did 867 lessons. That comes out to about 2.5 lessons every single day of the year and that is just the lessons that I did, it doesn’t include board and train or any of the sessions that Lisa did for the company. That is a lot of dog training! When you look at something like that, and the experience that comes from working with that many clients and that many dogs every year, it makes you realize what you’re paying for. Most of the other dog trainers out there do this business as a hobby, that’s not the case here at Fidelio. This is what we do all day every day, and it’s what we’ve done all day every day for the past 14 years.

The past year has also brought pretty dramatic changes in Austin. I heard recently that Austin is the fastest-growing city in America at this point, and I can certainly tell that from the amount of traffic that were seeing. In the last 14 years I can honestly say that I have never been late to an appointment because of traffic until 2013. Things of changed traffic has gotten far more complicated to deal with, and it’s got much more difficult for us to predict how long it will take to get from one client to another. This is painful for me, because as most of you know I have always been on time to appointments in the past. Unfortunately I’ve had to resort to the tactic that most service people deal with, in that I will always call you if traffic is a problem and I am forced to be late. I apologize to any of those clients in the future that may have this happen to them, but it looks like traffic like this is going to be a fact of life in Austin from now on.

The good news is, that we still come to you. You do not have to pile your dog in the car and fight afternoon traffic to get to some group class with a bunch of other yapping and ill behaved dogs. We come to you and we work in the area of your neighborhood that’s important for your dog to behave. Part of what you pay for is that convenience. We fight the traffic for you while you get dinner ready for the kids, get rested up, and prepare for your training lesson with your dog.

So, in closing, I like to thank all of my clients for everything they did last year. Thank you for each and every one of those 867 lessons that I worked with you on, and thank you for the time and attention you gave me during them. We appreciate you more than you know.


Steve Haynes

Austin dog trainer

Fidelio Dog Works

What Dog Trainers do when they have to actually work on the business

When you have a business like Fidelio, there are always always always a myriad of things that need to be accomplished. Most of those cannot be done while I sit in the car driving between clients as I do most of the day, and they cannot be done when I arrive home and have to become daddy and deal with the needs of my small children as soon as I walk in the door.

This past year I had a major project to do for the business that dealt with backend systems. There was no way I was going to find time to do it on an average day, and there was no way I was going to actually get it done if I had to stay at home in my house. In January 2013 I started investigating  co-working spaces. I had a client that I respected greatly who recommended Link co–working on Anderson Lane in Austin. I visited, and immediately became a member there and began work. I set my schedule up so that I would have a few hours each week to go into Link and deal with the project outside of my regular training schedule. This proved far more effective and productive than I ever imagined.

Not only did Link provide me with I could focus on the work in hand, it also allowed me to meet experts in areas of development that I desperately needed and that would have been much more difficult to find otherwise. I ended up hiring a web developer from Link to redo my entire website, I also ended up hiring a search engine person to help with some work on my website was a member of Link.

In short I just don’t think it would’ve been possible for me to get this project done as efficiently or in his timely fashion as I did without the use of the co-working space. If any of you guys work from home, and are finding it difficult if not impossible to focus on the tasks at hand with all of the other things that working at home entails, I would highly suggest you take a look at Link.

As my project has come to fruition and completed, I will unfortunately have to roll back to spending more time in the car running between clients. After all, that’s what this project was designed to increase, more clients, happier clients, and more efficient workday for me.

So in short, I’d like to thank Link very much for all the help they provided in the past year and I’ll miss seeing my friends that I made there each week.



Fidelio in the Press.

Image by:  Bill Sallans

Image by: Bill Sallans

Fidelio Dog Works has always been a word of mouth business. I’ve kept it like that for a host of reasons over the last 13 years. In fact, a lot of my clientele really doesn’t like ‘publicity’ at all and they’ve always appreciated that we are discrete with stories about corporate jets, estates, horse ranches, hunting lodges, and the other goodies that goes along with that clientele.  But recently we’ve been getting a bit more exposure and it’s nice to be appreciated in a more public way than we have sought for the last 13 years.

Tribeza, the super glossy Austin magazine just did a piece on us and it was so nice to see that the journalist really ‘got’ what we do here at Fidelio. I particularly liked how she described what we do and the way we train as artisanal and very specific to the clients.  That’s true: we are, and we always will be.  She also notes that we stay small for a reason, which is also true. The article gives the feel of Fidelio — we like what we do and we do it very very well.

So while not every one of our clients has President Obama, or former President Bush, over for dinner on a regular basis, we’ve been there, done that. And if we can deal with the intricacies of handling their dog during presidential visits, we’re more than likely able to help you with your pup too.

We’re grateful for the recognition.

Steve Haynes

Austin Dog Trainer

Fidelio Dog Works

404 for the Blog

Well, we moved the blog recently to a new server and, yes, dog trainers really should stick to training dogs rather than doing high tech server moves and whatnot.  What it comes down to is that I lost a year of postings to the blog, and darned if they weren’t some pretty good ones.

So please forgive the glaring GAP in the postings, I’ll do my best to get a leash on this problem and straighten it out soon.


Steve Haynes

Austin Dog Trainer (and blog configuration failure)


Way way way long overdue. A plug for a big helper of Fidelio

Well, I never would consider myself a person to use the blog to plug products or places but this one is a MUST and it is far far overdue. The folks at Just For Pets on Far West have been a great helper to my clients for the last couple of years. Any time a client has food questions or any other question about what should ‘go into a dog’ I send them to talk to Jim. Those folks have forgotten more about dog food than I will ever know.

So, if you need treats, food, toys, beds…… go see them. And tell them Steve sent you.

Just For Pets
3742 Far West Blvd
Suite 104
Austin, TX
(512) 342-2220