Cattle dog Redux

A few weeks ago I was working with a client’s cattle dog which had just TONS of energy. To the owner this was kind of a pain, but to a Dog Trainer a dog like this is FUN. I look at it as something different than the average dog I train each day.

In any case, this guy did great during his first session and I was astonished when I arrived for his second. He was waiting for me on his dog bed, a little excited to be sure, but doing his job the way her should and not jumping off the bed ever other second. As we started working outside he was attentive to his owners and was watching where they were and what they were doing, basically, he was doing what he should.


The lesson was a breeze. We worked with a long line on Bleu’s recall and by the end of the session he was coming back to them every time they called.

So, for all of you out there with a wound up bundle of energy dog, there is hope and with training you can even get that guy to come back every time you call.

I can’t wait to see Bleu’s progress at his next session in a month or so!

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works