What Dog Trainers do when they have to actually work on the business

When you have a business like Fidelio, there are always always always a myriad of things that need to be accomplished. Most of those cannot be done while I sit in the car driving between clients as I do most of the day, and they cannot be done when I arrive home and have to become daddy and deal with the needs of my small children as soon as I walk in the door.

This past year I had a major project to do for the business that dealt with backend systems. There was no way I was going to find time to do it on an average day, and there was no way I was going to actually get it done if I had to stay at home in my house. In January 2013 I started investigating  co-working spaces. I had a client that I respected greatly who recommended Link co–working on Anderson Lane in Austin. I visited, and immediately became a member there and began work. I set my schedule up so that I would have a few hours each week to go into Link and deal with the project outside of my regular training schedule. This proved far more effective and productive than I ever imagined.

Not only did Link provide me with I could focus on the work in hand, it also allowed me to meet experts in areas of development that I desperately needed and that would have been much more difficult to find otherwise. I ended up hiring a web developer from Link to redo my entire website, I also ended up hiring a search engine person to help with some work on my website was a member of Link.

In short I just don’t think it would’ve been possible for me to get this project done as efficiently or in his timely fashion as I did without the use of the co-working space. If any of you guys work from home, and are finding it difficult if not impossible to focus on the tasks at hand with all of the other things that working at home entails, I would highly suggest you take a look at Link.

As my project has come to fruition and completed, I will unfortunately have to roll back to spending more time in the car running between clients. After all, that’s what this project was designed to increase, more clients, happier clients, and more efficient workday for me.

So in short, I’d like to thank Link very much for all the help they provided in the past year and I’ll miss seeing my friends that I made there each week.