Dog trainers and their dogs

GwennieAs a dog trainer I get asked all the time what type of dog someone should get.  Most of the time, people are confused about the answer I give them.  I start by asking them all kinds of questions about what type of lifestyle they have, how active they are, how tolerant of dog hair they might be, how big a dog they want… on and on and on until I sift through the huge number of breeds there are out there and come up with a "hit" on a couple of different breeds.

I went through this process with a client a few months ago.  They hired me to meet with them, look at their home, and talk to them about the best breed for them.  These folks hadn’t had a dog in years so for all intents and purposes they were first time dog owners.  After we went though about an hour worth of questions and discussion, we narrowed things down to two of my favorite breeds, Welsh Springer Spaniels and Schnauzers.

After debating the merits of each breed this family chose to get a Welsh Springer pup and they’ve been as happy as can be.  The reason I’m bringing this up in the blog is that so many people choose the wrong breed for their lifestyle.  If more people would take the time to sit down and really look at how they live, we could match them up with a wonderful dog, even if it’s a rare breed that almost no one has heard of like a Welshie.


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