Dog training for a deaf dog

People have lots and lots of euphemisms for remote collars… shock collars, e-collars, and lots of others.  The truth is that not all of them are used for shocking.

Two weeks ago I got a call from a client that has a wonderful pit bull that will do virtually every command as long as it can see you.  The problem was that the dog was deaf and there was NO WAY to get it’s attention if she wasn’t looking right at you.  This client needed a way to give the dogs commands while she wasn’t looking their way. The only way to do it was with a remote collar. 

The tool we chose (Dogtra 200 ncp) does all of the standard things that a remote collar does but has one very important feature that most don’t.  This collar could be triggered to vibrate "page" just like a cell phone.  With the vibration we could train the dog that one buzz meant come, two buzzes meant sit… you get the idea.  The beauty of this thing is that it will work at a distance of about a half a mile so even when they are in a dog park off leash they can get her to "listen" to their commands.  Wonderful!

As we move through the training I’ll keep you posted about her, but the preliminaries have been fantastic.  It’s just nice to see a dog with a disability like this get their world opened up a bit more.

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works

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