Dog training Methods. Always a question

I just finished reading a fantastic small article in the NY Times today. They have an ongoing series on life with a new puppy and today’s installment was on dealing with a dog trainer.

There is absolutely quite a bit of “science” in dog training but there is equally, if not more, “art” to it. A lot of dog training involves being able to communicate with the owners AND the dogs and that’s were things fall apart for most dog trainers. The question of method comes up so often and this wonderful quotation from the article is what I repeat so many times to potential clients on the phone. With due credit to the NY Times here it is:

Shawn Stewart said “No one out there can say that any one method will fit any dog or owner.”

I just love it and it is ever so true.

The article is here and I do recommend you take a look if you have time. Article

Also, if you have the time and want to hear a bit more about my “philosophy” take a look at my previous post “No Guru no Method“.

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
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