Dogs and Deer

One of my clients sent me this story this morning.

It made me laugh so hard I couldn’t believe it. Just imagine the dogs on the other side of the river trying to figure out how to get back. What was going through their mind.

Read and enjoy.

Lily and daisy scared up an Axis deer and chased it down to the lake….they didnt come back but I could still hear them doing their “deer whimper”.

I went to see what was up and found that deer had decided to swim for it and so the dogs went in after him!!
All were about 3/4 across lake austin when i came down!! After all got out of water on the other side, deer ran off as he got out first and dogs lost him.

They paced shore for a while…I was trying to figure out where they were so I could go in car and get them….then they started swimming BACK across!!
They both made it but were exhausted the rest of the day..I finally found something that tires them out….dog biathlon!!!
Crazy, huh? I didnt even know deer could swim!

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