From Sue Lindsay:

When he was in the house and with family, Cosmo was wonderful. But there were a lot of problems the minute I walked him out the door. He wouldn’t heel, he was aggressive toward other dogs, he cut himself on his leash, and he dragged me around my neighborhood for eighteen months – Cosmo weighs 55 pounds! I just couldn’t reconcile the two halves of his split-personality.

When Steve told me he could fix Cosmo’s problem in one session, I laughed. So did my friends and neighbors. I worked as a Humane Society officer for ten years. I’d trained dogs before. I even had the equipment – but I didn’t have the technique.

Steve was very confident dealing with Cosmo. He understood what my dog was thinking, knew exactly what to do, and fixed the problem in one session. The next time I walked my dog, my neighbors thought I’d put him on sedatives. I was so impressed with Steve’s training, I hired him for two more sessions. Now, I can walk Cosmo off the leash most of the time.