Puppy training…what are they capable of.

Puppy training is more art than science.  When you are dealing with 8 to 12 week old pups patience is a must have.  That being said, they can achieve some amazing things.

I had the pleasure finishing a set of lessons with a wonderful 12 week old Golden puppy this morning that managed to begin working off leash. At 12 weeks this a a very impressive feat and I was amazed that these owners had practiced all of the lessons and used the techniques so effectively. Their pup was heeling off leash, sitting when the handler stopped and moving in whatever direction they moved without delay. 

This of course bodes very well for these owners as they can move onto much more advanced work with their dog and begin practicing this off leash obedience everywhere.  After all, isn’t that what everyone wants, a pal that can go with them anywhere off leash?

 Congratulations to these owners, they are excellent dog trainers and a model for everyone.


Stephen Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works

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