Technology for the dog trainer

A lot of people wonder how I keep up with running a dog training business, there’s quite a bit more to it on the technology side than most would think. Overall, we are pretty sophisticated at Fidelio Dog Works. We’re exclusively Macintosh computer based around here. I learned how to use Macs in the beginning and continue to think they’re the easiest for small businesses like us to maintain and keep working. All of our Accounting software, contact management software, video conferencing software (for remote client visits and meetings), and everything else that keeps us close to customers technologically is done with Macintoshes.

On a daily basis I’ll use a Macintosh Mac Book in the car to take notes on client meetings and the progress of the dogs during lessons, In the office I have a large Macintosh desktop to answer e-mails, prepare invoices, and do our blog entries. Also, I use a micro cassette recorder while driving between clients to quickly jot down thoughts and ideas for blog reports so I don’t forget them. When I get back to the office I connect this tiny recorder to a computer and have the sound files converted into text so that we can quickly edit it and post to the blog.

Most dog trainers I know aren’t quite into using technology the way we do. But, over the last serveral years, we’ve found it makes us more efficient, helps our customers get more out of the training, and helps us get our message out in a much more timely manner, and makes the business run as seamlessly as possible.

One thing that many of our clients don’t realize is that Edye, my assistant, isn’t here in Austin at all. She actually lives in rural Kentucky. With the help of the Macs and fast DSL lines she manages to keep track of all my appointments, and works with all of our wonderful customers remotely. The only clue that gives her way is the return address on the thank you cards, and the area code on the phone that she dials from.

There’s so much technology behind the scene of our little business that sometimes it boggles the mind. I often wonder how my competitors and Associates managed to keep it all together using the limited tools that many of them have.

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works