Potty training on the private plane

Well, not all dogs live the life of the back yard, some not only have to be house trained but they also need to be trained how and where their potty is on their private jets.

This one isn’t new to me, I’ve dealt with clients that took their dogs on long trips in their planes before but the approach we took this time was a bit different.

Since my client was going to be flying for over 6 hours at a time and they had a young puppy we needed a solution to keep the dog from messing up the carpets on their Gulfstream. After running through the ideas about Wee pads (they smell and often leak) and the unpalatable idea of keeping the pup in it’s crate for that long a period, we started thinking about having some real live turf in the plane. Well, as luck would have it, there is a market for this idea and it’s already been done. There is a wonderful lady I found in Los Angeles (where else would she be) that designs boxes which hold squares of real live growing sod for use as puppy bathrooms. What genius. It seems that the movie and music A list have been successfully using these things for quite some time backstage, in their set trailers, and on their planes.

These sod boxes, accurately and appropriately called PoochPotties are a great idea for a couple of really neat reasons:

First, we generally want to teach puppies that pottying on grass is the only acceptable surface for releiving itself, and the PoochPotty does that by using real grass.

Second, once the grass in the PoochPotty is messed up enough (you know what I mean) you just yank it out, toss the piece(s) of sod, and drop in new ones. Your pup is always getting the reinforcement of potty training on reall grass. The cool thing about this is that PoochPotty will supply you with new sod if you live in L.A., New York, or Chicago, or have fresh grass waiting for you at whichever airport you set your plane down. Alas, here in Austin we’ll just be running down to the garden supply store to pick up some new pieces when we need them. Easy enough!

For my clients that are really having difficulty house training their pups I’m going to start recommending a PoochPotty for the more pedestrian use in the home. The idea that we can now associate grass with going to the bathroom while the pup is still in the family room is just too compelling for this dog trainer to pass up. Steve Haynes Austin Dog Trainer Fidelio Dog Works 512.231.8095

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