Training the English Cocker

The NY Times had a wonderful small article this weekend about training English Cockers for hunting.  My English Cocker fits right in with the description of the breed in the article. 

My particular favorite part was where the author named his dog "Havoc".  If my rescue cocker didn’t already come with a name I certainly would have picked that as hers.  It would have been perfect.

Another part of the article spoke of the weekend long training class that the author attended.  I’ve done several of these dog training classes here in Austin and can attest to the fact that I’ve learned something at every one of them.  Generally they are very very worthwhile and if you ever get a chance to attend one, be it for agility, hunting, tracking….whatever, do it.  The sheer joy of being around all of those people training their pups is enough to encourage you to learn new techniques and tactics.

 Enjoy the article, and keep training your dog.


Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer

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