What do I see most of the day?

Most of my day doesn’t really consist of dog training. Since Fidelio is a “come to you” service I would venture to say that 50%-65% of my day is spent in the car navigating between clients. I spend LOT of time in traffic and a LOT of money on gas, as I average 100+ miles a day of driving between the 3-4 clients I can actually fit in each day.

Part of the reason we do this at Fidelio is that we believe it is more efficient for our clients. No loading the dog in the car after work, trekking across town to a lesson, then loading the dog back in the car to go home. We come to you, do the lesson, and then hopefully, you take the time you’ve saved by not driving to actually practice what we teach during the session. This type of service isn’t cheap because of all the windshield time we spend between clients.

Most people acknowledge that what we do is expensive, but when you factor in the time you save to be with your family, you dog, your neighbors, and in your home, it ends up being FAR less expensive than spending 3 hours for a one hour lesson. We just happen to spend that other two hours getting to and from your home to the next client.

Enjoy the picture. It’s what I see for hours every day.

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works