Dog training can change your life!

THIS is why you need a dog trainer!

This past week I had a client meeting that shocked me.  When I arrived at the client I was told that she had never been able to get her dog into her car.  NEVER in 12 YEARS.  When she moved to Austin she had to sedate her dog to the point of comatose for the ride and that was the ONLY time it had ever ridden in a car in it’s adult life.  Things were starting to get a bit dire because the dog was starting to have some health issues and needed to go to the vet on a regular basis.

A situation like that one is really sad to me.  That dog had never been able to enjoy a dog park, go for a walk outside it’s neighborhood or even have the convenience of  being able to take it to the vet.  That is so upsetting to me.

It turns out she had used 6 other trainers in the last 12 years to try to rectify the situation and none of them had been successful,  which is also a sad state.  Now, I don’t want to brag or seem like Supertrainer, but this is a pretty simple thing, and suffice it to say that within 10 minutes of my arriving we had the dog in the car and were headed for the local dog park for a walk.  All went well at the park and the dog jumped in the car for the ride home with no issues at all. 

A few days later, I got an email from the client:

"Just some positive feedback. My dog, Belle, is now a ‘car dog.’ She may hesitate and get balky when asked to get in the car, but it never takes more than a minute and a little gentle coaxing to get her in. What a difference! Thanks so much."


Now THAT is why you need a dog trainer.  If your dog is doing something that has been hampering your life, you should do something about it.  It will improve your quality of life as well as your dogs.


Steve Haynes

Austin Dog Trainer

Fidelio Dog Works