Zachary. A special dog

Sometimes I get to work with dogs for a longer period of time and I get to know them well. It’s a curse for dog trainers that some of our favorite dogs are not our own, but those of our clients. Zachary is just such a dog.

Zachary and I have been working together for about three months now. He’s a wonderful dog and though he still has his ‘puppy’ moments he is attentive, sweet, and a very gentle soul of a dog. In short I wish that I could clone him and have a copy for myself.

Sometimes we professional trainers become a bit jaded from working with with so many dogs throughout the year, but just often enough we get a Zachary who comes along and reminds us of exactly what the true definition of ‘a good dog’ actually is.

As the end of Zachary’s training time with me nears, I’m starting to feel a sense of loss. I’m going to miss working with you Zachary, you’re a Very Good Dog.

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