Another dog day

Yesterday was just full of interesting activities for the old Austin Dog Trainer.

My first client of the day is moving to Japan so we worked on what was going to be necessary to get the dog moved and then what we needed to do once the pup was in quarantine in the country for three months. It seems that Japan has cancelled their “fast entry” program for dogs that they had and now every incoming pet must be quarantined for three months. Luckily the quarantine facilities there are supposed to be fantastic but still….it’s at least an hour away from her new home in Tokyo and that’s with no traffic!

Second dog of the day was a pup I visited for the good folks at Austin Cocker Rescue. This pup had recently gone deaf and the new owner needed some help because the cocker had begun barking at strangers on their walks. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on with this guy (he didn’t want to bark at anyone with me around) but we worked on a few basic behavior things that I noticed and hopefully we got that under control.

Third dog of the day was my most recent Rock Star client. Can’t tell their name (privacy you know) but I can tell you that this person is an amazingly good dog trainer, and I believe it’s because of their innate laid back attitude. Lots of fun training with this person and their dog is just a fantastically smart little pup.

There were a couple of other clients in there that just needed some basic obedience work and then my fun lesson of the day with a Senior VP of Dell and his wife. We had a great time working with their lab puppy. The weather at 7 last night was perfect for dog training and nothing could have been better than teaching this pup to heel off leash and to start doing recall, down, sits, and drops as the sun went down over the hills.

As I finished with my final client at 8:45 last night, I drove home thinking “I’m the luckiest guy in the world” I have wonderful clients that love their dogs, and I get to spend all day with these people and the pups. What could be better than that?


Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works