Cattle dog day

I had a wonderful client today that lives just about three minutes from one of the largest dog training centers in the state of Texas. Yet, when he was looking for a trainer they chose me and patiently waited the month it took for me to actually get to him instead of walking a couple of blocks. I am amazingly grateful that people think so highly of what I do with Fidelio.

In any case, this couple had a wonderful and VERY STRONG Catahoula, also knows as a leopard dog. These guys are tough! Over in Louisiana and east Texas they use them to hunt wild boar if that gives you any idea of their tenacity. They called because they were having difficulty getting the dog to pay attention to them and were at their wits end about how to deal with him. Well, come to find out, he was a rescue dog and really just hadn’t ever been taught to try to “read” people and see what they wanted. We worked with the guy for about an hour and by the end of the session we had it staying on it’s dog bed, walking beside the owners, and coming to them reliably using a 20 foot long line. I think we made good progress today. With another lesson they should be well on their way to having a well behaved strong minded and confident dog.

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works

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