Dog toys for lonely pups

Is your dog destructive when you’re not home?

I just was introduced to perfect dog toy if your pup is doing things like chewing on the furniture or otherwise being destructive when you’re away.  

Kong has long been a favorite recommendation I’ve given for dogs that get bored during the day and the company has taken that toy and gone the next step.  They’ve created a Kong dispenser that drops Kongs out at timed intervals so that your pup is always getting a fresh one during the day.  It’s a brilliant idea actually because this is what will happen.  The dog will get it’s first Kong and work on it for a while until it gets all the goodies out, then right as it’s dropping off to sleep for it’s afternoon nap, Plonk…. there comes another fully loaded kong out of the dispenser.  Wonderful!

I’ll be recommending this thing to clients on a regular basis, I can see it already.

For those of you who are interested in seeing this thing in action, here is the video from the company.

Enjoy and seriously think about this Kongtime toy if your dog has chewing tendencies while you are away at work.

Stephen Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works



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