Dog training for executives

The things I get asked to do as a dog trainer never cease to amaze me, and that’s what makes doing this so wonderful.  Every time the phone rings or the email client pings I know it’s going to be something interesting.

A few weeks ago a former client of mine that runs and executive training business called to ask if I would do a short session with a group he was bringing into town.  I’ll admit I was interested but had no idea what he might have in mind.  Did he want to put the CEO of a Fortune 500 company on a leash and let me "train him/her"?  At least I knew enough to sit tight and wait to hear what he had in mind….and it was interesting.

 He wanted me to bring a dog that had very little training to the session and he wanted the group of executives to draw a command from a bag and have each of them try to get the dog to do the command within 60 seconds and using no force.  Interesting concept to say the least.  We brainstormed a bit about this and decided that most of these folks wouldn’t even be able to get the dogs attention much less get them to do the command.  What he wanted to show them was how you have to use different techniques to get the dogs attention and then find what it will work for to do the command.

Well, suffice it to say the show went very well.  I was surprised that some of these folks could get the pup to do some work for them but others had to wait until the great motivator showed up (the treat bag) before they could manage a down or a come to them.

All in all it was great fun and I hope that all of these Senior VP’s of this company came away with a little kernel of knowledge that will make their subordinates lives a bit more pleasant and productive.

Now for the kicker, the dog I used was that same Brittany Spaniel that stayed with me a couple of weeks ago.  The dog did great, but more on that in the next post.


Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer

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