Dog Training success story and a client testimonial-Dog training in Austin Tx.

Riley the Wonder Lab

Riley the Wonder Lab

It’s a lovely day to be a dog trainer in Austin, and even lovelier to have a success story from a client.  All to often dog trainers only get to hear the bad stuff  “the dog ate the power cable for the AC unit”, or “he chewed off the siding of the house while we were at Schlitterbahn”….. you get the idea.  But sometimes clients take the time to let me know how well things are going.  It doesn’t happen often (how often do you thank your car manufacturer when your car is running well…) but it does happen and it makes me extremely proud of being a dog trainer in Austin.

This is a note I got today from my client.  It’s always nice to see when dog training lessons are this successful.

Thank you guys for being wonderful clients and thank you for working with Fidelio.

“Thanks Steve for such an Amazing job with Riley. We have a white lab that is 6 months old. We had her spayed at 5 months thinking it would help calm her down and that lasted for all of 2 days. 🙂 She was CRAZY! Some friends, The Longs, recommended Steve and I told them “I would believe it works, when Steve fixes her”.

We were in this crazy cycle because Riley would want attention and want to play and we would try to play with her, but because of the jumping and biting we would give up and retreat. As a result, she became even more crazy every time we went outside.

Anyway, that’s where Steve came to the rescue. He was amazing with the dog and with my children! I can’t recommend him enough. In three sessions he has helped us teach Riley how to do so many things, including not jumping on us, no biting, laying down, walking on a leash, and staying on a “mat” wherever we take her. She is now able to come inside and stay on the mat while we eat dinner, watch TV or just do things around the house. Riley has even started sleeping on her “mat” all night without venturing off.

Riley is such a smart dog, but we would have never been able to accomplish the teachings of all these tasks without Steve. Especially in a month time period. Steve doesn’t know it, but we call him the Dog Whisperer. He has this magical quality with dogs that is innate and has been a lifesaver for our family. Thanks for all of your help!”