Dogs Dogs Dogs and Jim Buck’s School for Dogs

Mr. Buck on his daily route in 1964

Mr. Buck on his daily route in 1964

Mr. Buck passed away last week.  It’s a sad day for my NY City clients who utilized his company’s services for dog walking.

To say that Mr. Buck was a legend would be a serious understatement.  I mean, have you ever been profiled by Gay Telese in the Times or been profiled in the New Yorker?  Or how about completely creating a business where there actually was none before?  Mr. Buck created the profession of professional dog walker.  That’s nothing small and it’s a very important job.  I think that all of us that hire a dog walker should sit back for a minute and silently thank Mr. Buck for what he did, even if you never knew him.  He made dog walking a valid profession and gave it a bit of Penache and dignity with how he did it.

So, if you have a minute take a look at his obituary in the Times and give thanks that your pups are being taken out today in the rain by someone who followed in Mr. Buck’s footsteps.

Farewell Mr. Buck….the pups will miss you.

Steve Haynes