Dogs need jobs- part II

Every dog needs a job, and I really don’t believe they are happy unless they have one.

I got a call from one of my clients last night in which she described the most wonderful job for her dog.  Betsy, my client, is a BUSY woman.  She has three small children and a major league corporate gig.  Over the past few months the idea that her dog needed a job has been nagging at her so she finally came up with a most elegant solution that involved the kids with the dog and a clean house.

 Betsy, being the every dog loving person she is remembered that she had a backpack in her garage that one of her previous dogs used to carry things while she hiked in her days before momhood.  Trying the pack on her new dog she got the idea to have her pup wear the bag around the house every evening while the kids picked up their scattered toys in every room and loaded them into the pack.  The house gets cleaner as the kids follow the pup through the house toward the toy chest where everything is unloaded and stowed until the next day. 

Voila’ the dog has a job, the kids have fun with the dog, and Betsy gets a clean house every night.  What more could a dog want than such a wonderful job.


Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works