From Aja Gore:

We sought out training because our oldest dog, Lucy, was misbehaving more and more often after the arrival of her brother Linus. As Lucy’s behavior worsened, she started acting more aggressively toward us. Linus picked up on Lucy’s methods, and began to mimic her. Lucy had been through a puppy head start class from a major chain, but she ended up forgetting more than she learned! Some family members told us too late that kennel training works fine – as long as you keep the dog at the kennel.

Steve was fantastic with our dogs. His methods focused primarily on helping us re-establish our position in the relationship with Lucy and Linus. He treated them just as we did and never tried to usurp our position, as was often the case with more conventional methods.

Steve visited three times, and already our home is much calmer. Lucy especially is more responsive to our commands, and taking her out is a pleasure rather than a chore. Before Steve, Lucy and Linus would jump on our guests, and Lucy would sit on the sofa next to them and stare. Now, they sit calmly when company enters, and Lucy only sits on the sofa when she’s invited. I know for a fact that we owe these changes to Steve and Fidelio Dog Works.