From Christine Wagner:

I work out of my home, and have a lot of people coming in and out of the house. Ike is your typical puppy – always jumping on people, mouthing on things, and wanting to play all the time. Walter is three-years-old, and can be very threatening to anyone who comes to our front door. I had a pet sitter who quit because she thought Walter was too aggressive.

Steve fixed these problems really fast. He came in the front door on the first day, and Walter had no problem with him. Ike was very responsive to the training, and Steve got him walking on a leash, sitting, and obeying me within a few sessions. The best thing he did was educate me on how to train them on my own. He showed me a lot of little tricks I can use to stop Ike from jumping and biting, and to keep Walter from scaring away customers and house guests.

Steve is a great guy – so positive and friendly. He’s a wonderful person to work with. Now, I know how to keep my dogs behaving the way I want. They’re a lot easier to manage, and I can take them out in public without worrying they’ll bother anyone.