From Michelle Baker:

Before meeting with Steve, my husband and I thought we might have to do the unthinkable – find a new home for our dog Gloria. She and our older dog Dora began to fight on a regular basis. One time, my husband was bitten breaking them up. Gloria was always a sweet puppy but as she got older she wanted to stake her claim as alpha dog. She also had a hard time in public. She would become very nervous, almost frantic.

Steve came over for a visit to examine Gloria’s behavior both in and out of our home. He also examined our behavior and Dora’s. He gave us some very simple rules to follow and some new rules for the pups. Not even one week later, the change in Gloria was amazing. Four months later, my husband and I are very happy. There have been no fights, and for the first time ever we had a group of people to the house and Gloria behaved like a saint! She wasn’t uncomfortable or scared, and was quite happy with all the petting she was got.

Steve was wonderful and we have recommended him to many people, including our vet’s office. He makes it very easy for dog owners to take charge of their furry friends without upsetting the pups. Our cats even liked him!