From Shannon Simms:

We adopted all three of our dogs from an animal rescue service. Ali, our first adoptee, came from a puppy mill environment. She used to go ballistic every time she saw another dog. She’d start foaming at the mouth and snarling, and I had trouble keeping her on a leash. She nipped the dog next door, and even threatened one of our neighbors. Then, when we adopted two more dogs, they all forgot they’d been house-trained. What a nightmare!

Not only did Steve solve the house-training issue and help the dogs accept each other in our home, he changed Ali from a maniac into a calm pet. Now, when other dogs come around, I can tell her to “sit” and she’ll obey me.

Steve knows his stuff inside-and-out. When one of our dogs started peeing in the house, he diagnosed that the problem wasn’t emotional – it was a bladder infection. He has a solution for everything. His methods are so creative, and they always emphasize positive reinforcement. His training is very gentle and loving. He helps me to think like my pets, and understands the psychological and emotional reasons for my dog’s behavior. I would recommend him to everyone who has a dog.