High energy lab pup?? Here’s what you do…

I’ve been training with these clients for a couple of months. They called me when the classes they were taking at another location just weren’t meeting their needs. As I’ve said before, dog training is more art that science, and the trainer at the other place they went was a pure “method” trainer and couldn’t work outside her box.

In any case, this lab pup has proven to be a complete joy. She’s been a challenge at times for the owners but she’s really smart and really willing to do what you ask of her. The main issue now is that she has gotten bigger and has TONS of excess energy. So today, in the cool of the morning, we stated training her to “heel” to a bicycle. After they build up her stamina (takes training just like it does for us) she’s going to be a trail running dog at Emma Long Park and will accompany her Dad on his morning bike rounds of the neighborhood. She’s got a good life for sure.

Our next step with Maddie the Lab is to get her off leash trained so that she can “bike” and “run” without the hassle of that darned lead on her. It won’t take her long to get there.

Note of Caution: Do NOT just take your dog out attached to the bike. You’ve got to train them to do this correctly or you’re in for big trouble. Also, be sensible and don’t make them run long distances with you during the head of the day. They don’t handle heat as well as we do.

Enjoy the Picture!

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works