As a dog trainer I thought I had seen everything….

But this is certainly something I haven’t encountered before.

I was visiting with someone tonight and in the course of the conversation they told me they had a dog that could climb trees. Well, I thought it would run out and kind of bounce up and down next to the trunk or something but when Kelly let his dog Dolly out she ran straight for the tree and actually started CLIMBING. Dolly used her head and neck to brace herself between branches so that she could go higher. Amazing. She was at least 15 feet up in the tree before she slowed down!

Kelly said that when he’s out hiking with her she’s always looking for trees to climb and any of them that look possible she’s off and climbing.

Never ceases to amaze me what the little four legged critters can do.



Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works