And then there were none…


And then…there were none.

Epilipsy wins.

There’s a line in a book I read recently that said “there aren’t many easy ways out of this life.” Super proved that this week. We lost him to whatever ailment it was that he had. At least I was home with him.

I always tell my clients that you get one dog in your life that fits like a perfect puzzle piece. I’ve never had a dog like Super before and I’ve had and known many dogs in my life. He was just “right” for me. He was kind, gentle, crisp in his commands, and loved to play and be with his people. He always got along with other dogs and I never once saw a single sign of aggression or foul humor from him. He just “fit” me perfectly.

The thought of a dog trainer being dogless horrifies me, but at the moment I can’t even imagine having another. Loosing both of my own dogs inside of 3 months makes this one very tough year.

We still dont’ know what happened or what caused this with Super, but I’m incredibly grateful to the kind folks at Firehouse Clinic and Central Texas Veterenary Specialty Hospital for tweaking the meds to the point where Super had as good a last two weeks as he possibly could. He played, he escorted the kids down to bed each night, and he was almost his old self for a while. I could not have asked for more, but I’m going to miss him terribly.

Losing an old dog is one thing. You’ve had a long life with them and so many memories to look back on. It’s bad for sure, but loosing a puppy is something else entirely. All of that future, all of that promise, all of those yet to happen memories just wasted away into…..nothing. I have a hole now. A big giant hole and I’m going to have a hard time filling this one.

For the first time in over 30 years I am dogless and I don’t relish the idea of coming home to a house without a thumping wagging tail to greet me.

Rest in Peace Super. I hope there are birds and squirrels galore wherever you may be. I’ll miss you terribly.