Other dog trainer’s detritus

Often in what I do I’m not the first trainer clients have worked with. Sometimes they have used a number of other trainers to try and fix the issues the are having with their pups.

I ran across a client yesterday who told me a most bizzare story about a previous trainer she had used.

This client had two Border collies. Great dogs actually but they were being a real nuisance at the front door. They barked, jumped on guests, and were overly aggressive greeters once the guests were inside.

Now we have to keep in mind that this client was roughly 60 to 65 years old with two super high-energy border collie dogs in house.

What the other trainer told her to do when someone came to the door was to lift one of the dogs up over her head and hold it there as she opened the door. This was his solution for stopping the jumping and barking at guests!

Now I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to believe that a woman of that age should be picking up a squirming thrashing barking 45 pound border collie over her head and answering the door to same time. It just doesn’t seem to be reasonable to me not to mention impossible for my client to accomplish. In fact it’s one of the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard from another dog trainer. And this guy calls himself a professional?

So when it comes time to start thinking about hiring a dog trainer make sure you do your homework. Make sure it’s not a dog trainer they got all of their training off of the Internet. And, make sure it’s someone that actually had dogs in their hands for, let’s say more than six months. Maybe you should look for someone that’s done it for say 35 years or so??

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