Past Performance is no indicator of future success…..

This week was a busy one at Fidelio.  There were a number of board and train dogs with both Candace and myself.  All of these dogs have been trained by us in the past but once they go away for a while we always wonder how they are doing.

We’re always skeptical when dogs go home.  We know people get busy, don’t have time to train, and things start to slip, but we work so hard with the dogs when they are with us that we always hope that the commands stay crisp and accurate.

Luckily this week, these two pups were completely on point when they came back to stay at my house.  In fact, it was a pleasure working with them again and even more of a pleasure to have them around for the week.

We always love seeing our old “students” when they come back to us for whatever reason, but we particularly love when they have been good stewards of their commands and training and show us what outstanding character they have.