Potty Training Update

Well, a couple of months ago I put in a blog about Pooch Potties which are these wonderful boxes that you place sod in so that dogs can go to the bathroom on natural grass anywhere.

The client that I got these for has had utterly amazing results!  They have been taking the pup out to the  little grass islands on a regular basis during the day and in the evening and as of now have not had a single accident in the house in the week that she’s been in the new home.  This is incredible for a puppy that is all of 13 weeks old. 

 Needless to say, I’ve started recommending these things to my clients that are having specific bathroom issues.

 Not everyone needs one, but if you work lots of hours and don’t have a doggie door, it’s worth a try with these so that your pup doesn’t develop kidney stones or other problems related to holding it for LONG periods of time.


Steve Haynes

Austin Dog Trainer





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