Seizure dog and the unknown.

I’m checking my phone every few minutes in hopes that some sort of message will come in from the breeder or the vet or any of the specialist that we consulted about my dog Super. He started having seizures over the weekend. Bad ones, really really bad ones and he’s gone downhill from there.

In the midst of his first major seizure we were so horrified that my wife went over to pet him and try to calm him. He didn’t know what he was doing but he turned and bit her very very badly. The seizure lasted for a little over five minutes and took another five minutes or so for him to actually settle down enough to approach. It was horrible.

In all of the vet visits and doctor consultation since then nobody can find a single thing wrong with him. We have no clue what’s going on with him. And this is really hard for me. I’m accustomed to being able to get to the bottom of things, to fix things, to fix dog behavior. But this one looks like it’s going to be a problem.

Everything from the vets comes back perfectly normal, his history from the breeder comes back perfectly fine back over 30 years. So nothing is leading us to what’s causing this. In the meantime I’m watching him degrade. He starting to stumble, he’s less interested in anything that he was interested in before. He has minor tremmors all the time now.

When you spend so much time with a dog invest so much effort into them, and love them so much, it’s really hard to see this. I’ve lost old dogs before, one even very recently. But seeing a young puppy, just turned two years old go through this it’s very hard on this dog trainer.

Super, despite all this going on, still wags his tail when we approach, still wants to be petted, but is not nearly so interested in chasing squirrels watching for birds. I cross my fingers that the next time I look at my phone my that will email me and tell me he’s found answer and that Super will be okay.

So, despite the cathartic tone of this little posting, I want to say to all Fidelio clients out there, take your dog out for a walk on this beautiful day, you never know what’s going to happen next and you want that pup to have fine memories of a beautiful walk with you.