The Best Dog Store in Austin

O.K. Just had to write this tonight. Many of my clients find me through strange and unusual means, but more and more they’ve heard about me from a wonderful little boutique store here in Austin called Fetch. This little jewel of a store is in Westlake at 3636 Westlake drive. Cynthia, the owner of Fetch and a superlative dog person, has done a first class job in stocking the store with things that the other dog stores in town haven’t even heard of yet. She has wonderful exotic toys, very neat fashion accessories (rhinestone collars anyone…) and some of the most fantastic leashes I’ve ever seen. Like I said, it’s the best dog store in Austin bar none. Fetch is well worth the trip, and by all means take your pup with you! Cynthia has an open door policy for all pets so they can pick out their own toys (she has them all arranged on the floor at dog level). Enjoy! Steve Haynes Austin Dog Trainer Fidelio Dog Works 512.231.8095

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