Training a new Deaf Boxer Dog

I get to meet the most fantastic people and dogs being a trainer in Austin.

Jenn and Sara from Austin Boxer Rescue contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I had worked with deaf dogs before. I guess they had been reading the blog, about the other pup I worked with a couple of months ago with such great success. It seems they had spoken with several other trainers here that just didn’t have experience with these deaf dogs, and thats a shame.

So, the next several Sunday afternoons are donated to the folks at Austin Boxer Rescue and Ginger their latest hearing impaired addition.


Ginger started using my favorite tool for working with deaf dogs, a Dogtra collar with a vibration feature. We use the vibration feature of these collars to “call” the dog and to get it’s attention so that we can give it other commands such as Sit, Down, Come, Heel… It’s kind of a slow process in the beginning but by the second session with Ginger she was starting to sit when we “buzzed” her twice with the vibrating collar and started doing a down when we gave her three short buzzes with it. I honestly believe that if she keep us this pace of work she’ll be well trained in the basic obedience commands within the next month or so.

That means, if you are looking for a boxer that is well trained you should contact the Austin Boxer people and go take a look at Miss Ginger. She’s a great dog that needs a good home and it won’t matter one whit that she’s hearing impaired once we get her training finished.

All of Austin Boxer Rescue’s contact info is here:

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works