Training Progress

My last post went into a bit of detail about a puppy that’s been staying with me for a week to "brush up" on his basic obedience and to try to get him into some sort of shape so that when he goes home his people won’t be pulling their hair out about what to do with him. Needless to say, this puppy has been a handful.  He’s very strong willed, confident, and energetic which has made for a very interesting dog training week.

 Now, SpotRover isn’t a bad dog at all.  He’s just a high energy hunting dog that’s very focused on anything that moves or flies. Basically, he’s just like what a serious hunting person would want.  The problem is that it makes it extremely difficult for him to focus out in the world and around the neighborhood, he’s just not a suburbs sort of dog.

I have to say that my main goal this week was to get this puppy to do something, anything, for me without me having to resort to Making the pup work.  Well, Friday evening we finally got it. After training with him all afternoon something clicked in his little doggie brain and he started to realize that if he paid attention to me and offered some positive behaviors he would get rewards.  Soon after that the puppy was out with me heeling off leash, sitting at each stop I made, and coming on recall the first time.  Even a professional dog trainer can be astonished when things start to click and the dog "gets it".

Truth be told, if SpotRover continues along this path I think he’s got a very bright future and has the possibility to become a wonderful pet.  Now, if I could just get his family to undertand that they’re going to have to take up marathon running to give this dog enough daily exercise, I’ll have won the day.


Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer

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