Where no dog can go.

Being a dog trainer, I’m always on the lookout for places your dog can visit with you. I also keep an eye out for places you CAN’T take your dog, and I make it my mission to convince those places otherwise.

Early every Saturday morning my wife and I go to an organic farm here in Austin to grab our veggies for the week. For the past several years I’ve noticed that they had a subtle but noticeable no dogs sign flying. I’ve meant to several times but something has always come up and I never got around to it. Well today I got my answer.

On the farm they have a nice flock, herd, kettle, whatever you call it, of chickens that lay the eggs we buy every weekend. Many times some of the chickens are out roaming around the farmstead scrounging for veggies that careless shoppers have dropped. Well, come to find out, the owner Carol Ann told me that chickens can literally die of fright and nothing scares them like a dog (a bit overly fox like I guess). Hence the no dog sign.

Well, being a good open minded dog trainer, and loving the fresh eggs from the farm, I guess I’m not going to try to convince her to let the pups show up.

Steve Haynes
Austin Dog Trainer
Fidelio Dog Works

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