Choosing a Dog

Choosing a dog or puppy


Selecting your future pet is serious business. You want a dog that fits your lifestyle, living location, and temperament – and that’s exactly what your dog wants, too. Let a professional dog trainer assist you with this choice, and schedule a series of dog training lessons to help you adjust to your new pal.

Fidelio Dog Works team is happy to recommend breeds based on your personal requirements, and we can even help you evaluate potential candidates. Our team will go out and test dogs and puppies for their individual temperaments and drives, making your selection process more formalized and less risky. Don’t leave this important decision to chance!

It’s important to teach the right behaviors as soon as possible. Puppies are ready to start their training as early as 8 weeks. The older a puppy gets, the more difficult it becomes to correct problems. Do yourself and your new pup a favor – enroll them in lessons early.

If you plan to bring home an older pet, training is still important. Many adult dogs need help with their manners and basic commands. Others forget their lessons when they come to a new home, and need to be reminded. Let me know if you need any assistance adopting a pet, or want to schedule lessons after you bring your new friend home.