Specialized Training

Advanced Specialized Training

Over the years at Fidelio we’ve had requests for lots of specialized training. The most common one is off leash work which is a direction Steve tries to guide most people anyway. We’ve done stranger things though.

Steve has trained dogs to track wounded deer, find snakes in the field, get service dogs certified for both health related and medical related programs, track lost children, and even been hired to teach dogs to skateboard. Not every dog can do every task, but if there is something you want your dog to do, we’ll guide you down the path of training, and give it our best shot to make it happen.

I offer specialized dog training lessons that teach your dog how to behave off-leash while outside. A dog that understands and obeys your commands in a natural setting will enjoy their “outdoor time” much more, and so will you. If you like to take your dog to the park or go camping, this training is a must.

I can also teach your dog how to track both people and objects. Tracking is a fantastic way to have fun with your dog by allowing it to use its most valuable and highly developed sense – smell. I can teach you and your dog how to locate objects with a specific scent on them, as well as how to follow a human trail. A dog that gets to exercise its natural tracking ability will be happier than one who just sits around the house all day.